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Give your roadmap to success a new meaning and purpose as a thought leader and influencer. Become a NYAMA Mentor today. 

8/10/2016 -The second mentoring program cycle will soon end. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee for the next program cycle scheduled for October, we encourage you to click below and sign-up.

We inspire, support and celebrate brilliance in marketing.

The NYAMA Mentoring Program connects junior members with more experienced member professionals for career advice, guidance and support.  The program was designed by a committee of marketing professionals

to ensure all participants are supported and get value from participating in the program.

“I really am delighted to be part of this mentorship initiative. I really do think that my views on life in our world were helpful”

– Mentor, 60 years Marketing Experience

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successful people never reach their goals alone

“We actually happened to meet just before a job interview, and I ended up getting the job. The meeting was very helpful to prepare!” – Mentee Testimonial​